Borjom & Kharagauli Visitor Centers: A Dual Transformation Project

3D Render Preview: Kharagauli Visitor Center Redesign

Before Renovation: The Untouched Kharagauli Visitor Center

Witness the stunning metamorphosis of the Kharagauli Visitor Center, where Sandro's innovative approach has turned a once uninspiring space into a lively and interactive learning hub. Through vision, innovation, and determination, this center has been transformed to offer a captivating and educational experience for young visitors.

Please note that real-life footage video/photo material is not filmed or photographed by me. Installing was finished while I was already in the U.S. 2020

Dive into the intricate planning and design process with detailed 3D renders and blueprints of the projects. Working closely with NJ, U.S based company, these visual representations highlight the thoughtful design choices and meticulous attention to detail that went into shaping the spaces for educational purposes.

There were about 30+ pages of blueprints. Pre-production took 6 month.

Kharagauli visitor center
Borjomi Visitor Center Transformation

Explore the exceptional redesign of the slightly larger Borjomi Visitor Center, where Sandro's creative vision and expertise have shaped an immersive and dynamic environment for children. This center exemplifies the power of blending art, technology, and education to create a space that inspires and informs young minds.

BORJOMI visitor center

Ihope you've enjoyed exploring the interior design portfolio featuring the transformative redesigns of the Kharagauli and Borjomi Visitor Centers in Georgia. My expertise and creative vision, along with the collaboration of CADCabinets, have turned these centers into dynamic, interactive environments where children can learn and explore.

I would like to extend my gratitude to WWF, CNF, Mercy Corp, and the Ministry of Nature Defense of Georgia for their support in making these projects a reality. Thank you for taking the time to discover these projects.

I'm passionate about using innovation to bring joy and learning to children in remote regions. By leveraging my expertise in 3D and creative ideas, I've created interactive and educational experiences using affordable devices like Alexa. I believe there's great potential to make this technology multifunctional and even more impactful.

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